On tour in the Gesäuse National Park

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We have a large collection of photos, which we make available for purposes of benefit to the Gesäuse National Park.

Please contact Andreas Hollinger.

Walk-in ecological footprint (Reinhard Thaller)
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In the Lettmair Au riparian forest (Christian Fürnholzer)
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Modelling Table in the Lettmair Au riparian firest (Christian Fürnholzer)
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Looking inside a tree (Christian Fürnholzer)
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On tour with the ranger (Heinz Hudelist)
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On tour in the Hochscheiben mountainbike trail (Heinz Hudelist)
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On the trail of orchids (Heinz Hudelist)
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The Willow Dome and the Hochtor Group (Heinz Hudelist)
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The Willow Dome discovery centre (Heinz Hudelist)
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The Willow Dome (Heinz Hudelist)
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Outdoor Classroom (Raimund Reiter)
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Breaktime at the Willow Dome (Raimund Reiter)
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