Winter impressions

The photos available for download in this section may be used free of charge under the following conditions:

  • The name "Gesäuse National Park" must be indicated, at least in the copyright notice.
  • The name of the photographer must be indicated in the copyright notice.

We have a large collection of photos, which we make available for purposes of benefit to the Gesäuse National Park.

Please contact Andreas Hollinger.

Whitewater Stretch (Andreas Hollinger)
FORMAT :4000 x 2162  px 
GrÖße        :2.63 MB

Grosser Ödstein (Andreas Hollinger)
FORMAT :6017 x 2000  px 
GrÖße        :3.12 MB

Snow in the Hochtor Group (Andreas Hollinger)
FORMAT :5000 x 2500  px 
GrÖße        :2.52 MB

Fool moon over the Hochtor Group (Toni Kerschbaumer)
FORMAT :3307 x 2165  px 
GrÖße        :987.85 kB

Drifting ice at the entrance to the Gesäuse (Ernst Kren)
FORMAT :3008 x 2000  px 
GrÖße        :1.06 MB

Grosser Buchstein (Popp&Hackner)
FORMAT :4961 x 3912  px 
GrÖße        :3.78 MB