Water activities

WassererlebnisThe National Park's waters (Enns River, torrents, springs, wetlands) are particularly sensitive natural habitats.

Therefore visitors to the National Park are not permitted to enter the rivers and their associated wetlands.

However, despite the highly sensitive nature of these aquatic environments, visitors can experience these areas, although with limitations. The visitor areas on the banks of the Enns and Johnsbach are freely accessible (including swimming). Rafting on the Enns also offers a stunning spectacle and wonderful water experience.

A different perspective, experiencing the force of nature close up, adrenaline and thrills...you'll get all this on the Enns, whether kayaking or rafting.

However, as the banks of the Enns are particularly endangered habitats, you must use the marked entry and exit points!


Water activities in the National Park - What to look out for:

  Relaxing and swinnimg in the marked visitor ares
  Kayaking using the marked entry and exit points
  Rafting with authorised agents (see below)
  Camping at the Forstgarten camp site in Gstatterboden
  Making lots of noise, using paddles to smack the water
  Entering river bank areas at points not designated for visitors
  Lighting fires (except the signposted fire sites)
  Camping outside designated camp sites
  OK in the National Park, enjoy
  not cool in the National Park, please avoid in order to protect the natural environment
  not permitted in the National Park, legally prohibited









You'll find all the information about water sports in our Water sports leaflet!



To ensure that rafting and other commercial water sport activities in the Gesäuse National Park respect the environment, they must be agreed in advance with the National Park administration team. At the moment, the only authorised operators are members of the Steirischer Raftingverband association.

In the 2014 season (1 May to 15 October) you can book rafting trips in the Gesäuse National Park through the following operators:

In collaboration with partner organisations, the National Park administration offers nature discovery trips in which visitors can experience and learn about nature.