Gesäuse National Park Publications

Schriften des Nationalparks Gesäuse

Carrying out research and communicating the results is not only a fundamental aim of the National Park but a duty in terms of its research and education remit. One of the main research interests is the documentation of the rich flora and fauna in the nature reserve. Besides the ongoing contract research, the annual GEO Biodiversity Day is used as a motive to investigate and research the animal and plant communities at particular sites in detail. Acclaimed scientists devote themselves to the species in their specialist area and record the species which they come across. Amateur biologists and nature enthusiasts are always welcome to attend the annual research event in order to make their own contributions in the exploration of nature or to look over the shoulders of the experts.

The species lists and results of these GEO Biodiversity Days are finally published in the volumes of the journal series along with comprehensive descriptions of the site and contributions on particular topics, such as avalanches.

Besides the annual publications of the National Park series there are now also three special editions – Volume 1 on the history of the Gesäuse woodlands, Volume 7 which is devoted to a detailed report on the springs in the National Park and presents the fascinating results of the spring weeks and Volume 9, which gives an overview of the first decade of research in the National Park and an insight into the world of the endemic species.

Copies of the journal series are available in the National Park shop, in the Admont information office and from Amazon.