The Willow Dome Discovery Centre

Der Weidendom inmitten des Nationalparks GesäuseThe Willow Dome stands on the banks of the Enns, framed by a unique backdrop of mountains. The research workshop and the various activities and oases of calm around the Willow Dome invite you to immerse yourself in an unexpected world – the fascinating microcosm contained in a handful of forest soil or a water sample.

Opening times for the Willow Dome discovery centre:

May and June: Saturday, Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00
July to mid-September: 10:00 to 18:00 daily
September: Saturday, Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00

„Journey into the microcosm“

Bei der Forschungswerkstatt im Weidendom können Besucher/innen allen Alters auf spannende Weise der Natur auf die Spur kommmen.Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of water and soil organisms with expert instruction from our National Park rangers. Be amazed as the microscope reveals the individual legs of a millipede, the cutting tool of an ant, the jet propulsion of a dragon fly nymph or the birth of a water flea. Discover creatures you have never seen before under the microscope and marvel at close-ups of tiny micro-organisms and other natural objects live on the big screen.

„Children's birthday parties in the Willow Dome“

Ein Geburtstagsfest im Weidendom ist ein besonderes Erlebnis für alle TeilnehmerinnenHave you always wanted to spend your birthday like a real researcher? To go exploring with your friends, fish tiny creatures out of the pool or dig them out of the soil and examine them under the microscope? There will of course be time for fun and games, as well as all the research activities and a birthday tea.

Ecological Footprint

Der erste begehbare Ökologische Fußabdruck Österreichs liegt im Nationalpark Erlebniszentrum WeidendomA person's ecological footprint describes the area of land necessary to meet his/her needs (food, accommodation, transport and consumption). Austria's per capita ecological footprint is three times the size it should be from a global, sustainable perspective. Our "walk-in" ecological footprint in the form of a maze is a fun way for visitors to explore their own lifestyles.

The "Lettmair Au" trail

Der Themenweg „Lettmair Au“ entführt Sie in die faszinierende Vielfalt eines Auwaldes inmitten des Nationalparks GesäuseThe Lettmair Au trail offers visitors an experience for all the senses and a humorous approach to learning. The trail takes you into a fascinating riparian world, with spectacular discovery stations that let you explore the landscape in surprising ways. This is a trail that turns curiosity into scientific detection; where nature reveals the answers to riddles, yet still keeps secrets. An ideal location for training the senses.

The "Wild John" discovery trail

Der Erlebnisweg „Der wilde John“ bringt Sie auf die Spuren einer abenteuerlichen Sagenfigur des Gesäuses – mit jeder Menge Spaß und Spiel für die ganze Familie!Attractively situated alongside the Johnsbach stream, the Wild John discovery trail is one of the most popular walks in the Gesäuse National Park. Thanks to the work done on restoring the Johnsbach as part of the LIFE project, the stream once again looks like an original mountain torrent flowing through an alpine national park of extraordinary beauty.