Visitor Centres and Discovery Trails in the Gesäuse National Park

Das Naturerlebniszentrum „Weidendom“ im Herzen des Nationalparks GesäuseWe aim to show visitors the unique nature of the Gesäuse landscape by providing environmentally friendly ways for them to experience the Gesäuse National Park, and offering nature and environmental education activities.

Environmental education at the National Park does not mean conventional classroom teaching. By letting schoolchildren, families and other visitors consciously experience nature in exciting, varied and amusing ways, we increase their awareness of – and enthusiasm for – the fascination of undisturbed natural processes.

The Willow Dome nature discovery centre, several family theme trails and the geology exhibition in the National Park Pavilion in Gstatterboden offer a wealth of fascinating opportunities to enrich your visit to the Gesäuse National Park.

We also aim to promote a general appreciation of nature and environmental conservation beyond the confines of the National Park. An appreciation of natural diversity and beauty and an awareness of the threats they face are a key requirement if people are to adopt more ecologically-minded behaviours and make efforts to protect Austria's unique natural landscapes.

"In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, we will understand only what we experience."

Values based on the priciples of sustainable development

The primary tasks of the National Park's nature and environmental education activities include:
  1. teaching people about basic ecological principles, natural relationships, the national park concept (particularly the concept of wilderness), and climate protection
  2. teaching people about sustainable use of resources and development, and raising awareness of sustainability
  3. increasing acceptance of the National Park – particularly among people in the region – and strengthening the credibility of the conservation idea
  4. planning and carrying out educational events, and installing nature discovery infrastructure while respecting the National Park objectives and maximising accessibility